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The Queensland Sustainable Energy Innovation Fund (QSEIF), administered by the Sustainable Community Division of the Department of Environment and Resource Management, assists Queensland based organisations to develop innovative technologies that reduce consumption of fossil fuels, water or greenhouse gas emissions.

The grant program focuses on the development and commercialisation of sustainable technologies, rather than pure research. Since 1999, QSEIF has committed $8.9 million in funding to 77 innovative energy and water saving projects in Queensland.

To be eligible for QSEIF funding:
·  Applicants must be Queensland-based organisations.
·  The main activities of the project must be undertaken within Queensland.
·  Intellectual property developed in the project must belong to a Queensland-based organisation.

QSEIF funding offsets external project costs, of which a minimum 20% must be contributed by the applicant. Funding for any one project will generally be limited to $200,000. Funding is not available for internal staff and overhead costs.

Two funding rounds are being held in 2011

Applications open 3 Jan 2011 9 May 2011
Closing date, draft applications 25 Feb 2011 1 July 2011
Expected notification of outcomes to applicants 1 August 2011 5 December 2011

Prospective applicants are encouraged to refer to the funding guidelines and contact a QSEIF project officer to discuss their proposals.

In the first instance, prospective applicants for QSEIF funding should view the funding guidelines and assess if their proposed project meets the eligibility criteria.

Guidelines: Energy Innovation Projects (QSEIF) (PDF, 59K)*

Guidelines: Water Innovation Projects (QSEIF) (PDF, 53K)*

Applicants are encouraged to contact a QSEIF project officer to discuss proposals and determine whether proposed projects fit within the QSEIF guidelines. QSEIF application forms are provided once it is clear that a potential project would meet eligibility criteria.

QSEIF operates on a two stage application process. Applicants must follow these procedures to ensure that applications will be considered for funding in the current round.

Stage 1:

Discuss your proposal with a QSEIF project officer and obtain an application form. Periodic discussions with the QSEIF project officer is encouraged as proponents can be provided with guidance and advice as they develop proposals. Applicants must prepare a draft application and submit this by the closing date in the current funding round.

The department will then provide written feedback on applications to assist applicants to further develop and refine their proposals.

Draft applications that have been assessed by the department in Stage 1 as being eligible projects can proceed to Stage 2.

Stage 2:

Upon receipt of written feedback and an invitation to submit a final application, applicants should revise their applications to address outstanding issues identified in Stage 1.

Final applications should then be submitted by the closing date in the current funding round. Applicants should note that the department reserves the right to withhold from further processing, final applications submitted that clearly do not meet the QSEIF guidelines or do not address the outstanding issues raised as part of Stage 1.

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