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Rail Manufacturing CRC (RMCRC) supports the rail sector by developing new technologies and knowledge to enhance Australia’s rail manufacturing capacity and competitiveness. Formed in 2014, RMCRC’s members include innovative rail manufacturing multinationals, innovative SMEs and key research providers.

The RMCRC’s goals are to assist the rail manufacturing supply chain to develop new technologies and products to increase productivity in the coming decades, and to play our part in providing the next generation of highly qualified engineers and scientists to support the industry

Grant funding available

RMCRC is seeking to identify projects which will attract a matched contribution by RMCRC in the range of $200,000 to $500,000.

RMCRC Innovation Gateway Projects will be funded from the industry partner’s cash contributions plus RMCRC funds, with RMCRC funds forming 50% of the Project Budget.


Application proposals are due by 15 April 2016.

Innovation Gateway Objective

The aim of the RMCRC Innovation Gateway Projects program is to encourage businesses either currently working in the rail manufacturing industry supply chain, or businesses with the potential to work in the rail manufacturing industry to consider entering into a partnership with a research organisation to develop a project proposal that addresses one of the rail technology issues identified by RMCRC as being a priority for the rail sector.

Proposals can be submitted by existing RMCRC Industry and Research Participants, or from new Industry and Research Partners with the potential to become a Participant in RMCRC.

RMCRC’s Research Program Priorities and Rail Technology Issues

Project Proposals must consider rail manufacturing industry needs and have a direct application and benefit to rail manufacturing and address a specific rail technology issue within one of RMCRC’s Research Program Priorities. RMCRC is seeking Innovation Project Proposals which address one of the following rail technology priorities:

Within Research Program 1 – Power & Propulsion:

  • Lithium battery development for rail applications;
  • Novel electric traction motor development;
  • Advanced braking systems.

Within Research Program 2 – Materials & Manufacturing:

  • Alloy and process development for rolling stock;
  • Robotics and automated production processes;
  • Light-weighting of rail componentry;
  • Rolling stock maintenance cost reduction.

Within Research Program 3 – Design, Modelling & Simulation:

  • Automated online health monitoring & condition monitoring systems for rail componentry;
  • Data analysis and algorithm analysis for real-time rail applications;
  • Computerised modelling tools for rolling stock fabrication.

How to apply

  • Innovation Project Proposals must be submitted on the official RMCRC form (available on the RMCRC website at
  • Applicants are responsible for identifying research partners and industry partners for each proposal.
  • Project Proposals must be submitted by the due date/s.

Application assessment process

RMCRC will conduct a two stage process for identifying suitable projects from Innovation Project Proposals. Stage 1 will identify a short list of Project Proposals that best meet the Selection Criteria. In Stage 2, selected Innovation Project Proposals will undergo a more detailed assessment and evaluation process.

Following assessment against Selection Criteria, successful Innovation Project Proposals will be chosen and the parties will be asked to enter into a project agreement with RMCRC.

Proposal requirements

A Project Proposal must include an industry partner (ie, a manufacturing business) who will co-fund the project with RMCRC and who is either already a participant of RMCRC or is willing to become a RMCRC Other Participant (Industry).

A RMCRC Project Proposal must involve at least one research provider that is an either a current RMCRC Essential Participant or an Other Participant, or is willing to become one. (Details of Participants are on the RMCRC website –

Action Date
Stage 1 Innovation Project Proposals open 7 March 2016
Stage 1 Proposals close 15 April 2016 (cob)
Notification of outcome of Stage 1 2 May 2016
Stage 2 Project Proposals open 9 May 2016
Stage 2 Project Proposals close 3 June 2016 (cob)
Notification of outcome of Stage 2 20 June 2016

No Project Proposals will be considered after the closing date/s. Applications will be notified by email of the outcome of Stages 1 & 2. Further information can be obtained by email at

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