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2012-2013 Expenditure stats

Total claimed: $151M
Statistics sourced from InnovationAustralia Annual R&D Tax Incentive Report 2013-14

About this sector

This industry strives to develop new building materials and designs in a wide range of new buildings and environments, which include but are not limited to: commercial, residential buildings, tunnels, bridges, and other infastructures. Building construction often requires bespoke designs that constantly need to be developed and refined up to the point of the actual construction. Testing must be documented with drawings, calculations, trials, emails, results and external research validation. Routine development is not considered R&D.

Examples of what could be claimed

  • Designs to improve a buildings overall function
  • Developing green building purposes
  • Improved building heat, lighting and power efficiency
  • Development and design of prefabricated processes and materials such as facades
  • Design of unique structures (bridges, dams, stadiums, tunnels)


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