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2012-2013 Expenditure stats

Total claimed: $1BN
Statistics sourced from InnovationAustralia Annual R&D Tax Incentive Report 2013-14

About this sector

The ICT sector often offers unique applications of technology that solve a problem. In this fast-paced industry, development and design of new technologies is crucial for success. The R&D tax incentive supports the development of software in both agile and defined project environments. Documentation to support R&D may include the use of code repositories and issue management software along with emails, project documentation and screenshots. Software development must be conducted in Australia to be eligible.

Examples of what could be claimed

  • Development of a new workflow logic to solve complex senarios
  • Redesign of new architecture
  • Dynamic or predictive algorthims
  • Performance optimisation of software
  • New algorithm for analysing big data sets
  • New hardware developed to solve new problems

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