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2012-2013 Expenditure stats

Total claimed: $5.05BN
Statistics sourced from InnovationAustralia Annual R&D Tax Incentive Report 2013-14

About this sector

There are many other areas in which R&D can be conducted that fall into different industries not listed. R&D is intended to discover new specific knowledge or significantly improve goods and services. Understanding the definition of R&D is important to determine eligibility. For consideration the R&D must be based on principals of established science where the outcome of the R&D cannot be know in advance. Documentation is required to show how the R&D was conducted, why it was conducted and the results at the time of testing.

Examples of what could be claimed

  • Labortatory research aimed to discover new knowledge
  • Design, construction and testing of prototypes and models
  • Development of new technologies
  • Conceptual formulation and design of process alternatives


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