New Grants

We produced an eBook with SmartCompany earlier this year, just after the May 2018 Federal Budget announcements. We wanted  to help businesses understand how to apply for R&D Tax Incentive without having to negotiate the usual Government policy language.

Your free eBook on R&D Tax Incentive.

We want to share it with you.

A reference that you can keep to decide if you might be eligible and able to take advantage of the 43.5% cash rebate (41.0% for FY19  tax year).

Download here or send us an email requesting the PDF eBook.

Who is the R&D tax incentive for?

  1. Best for businesses that are in a loss position or with a carried forward loss
  2. Undertaking genuinely innovative R&D and overcoming a “scientific knowledge gap”
  3. Must be a Pty Ltd company and not a trustee
  4. Must have records to show what R&D has been done in the prior year or will be done in the future.

Find out change to the R&D tax incentive rates that have been tabled for FY19 and tips on how to maximise your R&D Tax Incentive rebate.

To discuss your R&D tax eligibility contact us on (03) 9008 5937.

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