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Sustainability Victoria announced the launch of the Recycling Victoria Markets Acceleration (RVMAF) Fund, a $5 million support package for Victorian businesses, research institutes and industry to develop and commercialise new uses for recycled materials. The fund is part of a $30.46 million Markets Acceleration Package delivered under the Government’s Recycling Victoria Policy.

The fund is designed to directly address materials subject to the national waste export bans – paper and cardboard, plastics, tyres and glass – but will also support solutions for other emerging materials streams such as e-waste and textiles.

The RVMAF is distributed through 2 funding streams:

Deadline and Timings

02 Jun 2022 11:59 PM AEST

information session for Stream 1 will be held on Monday 9 May from 10 am to 11:30 AM

information session for Stream 2 will be held on Tuesday 10 May from 10 am to 11:30 AM

Notification of outcome: September 2022

Funding agreements established: November 2022

Projects commenced by: November 2022

Project completed by: April 2024

Overview and Grant Amount

The RVMAF supports research institutes, industry and business to develop and commercialise new uses for recycled materials. Projects for which this fund is being applied must meet one or more of the following objectives:

  • Identify and develop new domestic uses for recyclable materials, including those that may otherwise go to landfill or be stockpiled.
  • Commercialise innovative products and processes that contain recycled materials and meet end user needs.
  • Improve confidence in, demand for and uptake of recycled products in Victoria.
  • Boost Victoria’s economy through local circular economy initiatives, helping businesses to grow in new ways, and creating new jobs

Grants of between $30,000 and $400,000 (excluding GST) on a 1:1 scheme will be awarded to projects that identify and develop new uses for recyclable materials in Victoria. Projects will commercialise innovative products and processes with recycled materials and improve confidence in and demand for recycled products.

Eligibility and Criteria

In general, to be eligible, you must:

Applicants and/or Project Partners with less than 2 years operating history are eligible to apply and are encouraged to secure established project partners or identify appropriate external expertise where appropriate. They may be subject to additional information requests to undertake a risk assessment, and/or additional funding conditions.

The eligibility requirements listed here is not exhaustive. Both Stream 1 and Stream 2 have very specific requirements and all applicants are strongly encouraged to carefully read through their respective guidelines. When you are ready to lodge your application, you must create an account on the SmartyGrants website.

Expert Assistance

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