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The focus of Research Connections is on helping small and medium businesses to collaborate with the research sector to develop new ideas with commercial potential, as well as to help identify any knowledge gaps that are preventing business growth.  Research Connections Grant provides up to $50,000 of funding and is is part of the Entrepreneurs Infrastructure Programme and was opened for applications from Sep 2014.

Experienced facilitators will assess your business’ knowledge gaps, and provide specialist support which may include:

  • a report containing tailored information and options;
  • referrals to other business support programs and services;
  • links to existing knowledge and solution providers; and/or
  • identification of new research activities that could assist your business and help connect you with organisations that could provide that research.

What you need to know

Research Connections takes a ‘facilitation first’ approach, providing expert advice and solution pathway for business to knowledge-related issues, and a brokering service to link businesses with research organisations.

Research Connections recognises that only some businesses will need funding support to bring research capability into the business to work on a specific project. In other cases, the facilitation service may support business to access other avenues of knowledge or assistance.

To ensure that this support is easy to access, tailored to your needs, and delivers specific and measurable impact to the business, facilitators will work with your business to understand the issues and work toward appropriate solution pathways.

Research Connections facilitators actively maintain connection to the research sector and knowledge of issues common to Australian small and medium enterprises.

Full details of the requirements for businesses, the researcher, the research organisation and eligible projects and research activities are outlined in the Customer Information Guide.


Additional Information

Following participation in the facilitated service, Research Connections facilitators may also work with businesses to provide access to up to 12 months of financial assistance in the form of a matched funding grant worth up to $50,000 to support:

  • engagement of a Publicly Funded Research Organisation to undertake research activities on the business’ behalf;
  • the placement of a researcher in the business in order to develop and implement a new idea with commercial potential;
  • access to research infrastructure; and/ or
  • access to other forms of research capability, as determined by the business research needs assessment.

To be eligible to apply for a Research Connections Grant, your business must have undertaken a Research Connections Service and meet other eligibility requirements outlined in the Research Connections Customer Information Guide.

Applications for the Research Connections Grant are to be submitted within twelve months of completing your Research Connections Service. If your application is successful, you will be required to enter into a Grant Agreement.



For more information, you can contact AusIndustry by phone, web chat or our online enquiry form.

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