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What is Researchers in Business?

The Australian Government has committed $10 million within Enterprise Connect to support the placement of researchers from universities or public research agencies into businesses where it is identified that such a placement would help to develop and implement a new idea with commercial potential.

The aim of Researchers in Business is to:

· help break down the cultural divide between business and the research sector (the researcher may be from a university or research agency)

· speed the dissemination of expertise

· accelerate the adoption of new ideas and technologies and

· increase competitiveness of firms.

Funding Arrangements for Researchers in Business

Funding for up to 50 per cent of salary costs, to a maximum of $50,000, will be provided by Enterprise Connect for Researchers in Business. Placements can be for a period of 2 to 12 months. Researchers must spend a significant time period working on-site within the firm.

Who is eligible for Researchers in Business?

To be eligible to apply for Researchers in Business an Australian SME must:

· not have received funding for the project from other Government programs (whether Commonwealth, State, Territory, local or otherwise) within the last three years

· be registered with an Australian Business Number (ABN)

· have turned over more than $1 million and under $100 million in the preceding/current financial year

· be solvent

· have filed Business Activity Statements for at least three consecutive years and

· be a Manufacturing Firm and/or a Manufacturing Service Firm or be eligible for services in one of the Enterprise Connect Innovation Centres.

Types of researchers and research organisations that are eligible for Researchers in Business

Eligible Researchers must be enrolled in or have completed a Masters by Research Degree or PhD program. They must also have the research skills necessary to undertake the project. The researcher should be aligned with a University or research organisation.

Types of projects that are eligible for Researchers in Business

A proposed project must

· develop a new idea to the Firm with commercial potential

· involve activities that are not currently being carried out in the Firm

· involve activities which will create new competencies and capabilities within the Firm and

· be aligned with the Firm’s business strategy.

Application Process

· Application forms are available online at

· Enterprise Connect can help applicants find the right partner, phone 131 791 for more details about this assistance.

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