New Grants

MVP (Market Validation Program) is a $28 million competitive grants program to help SMEs with innovative, commercially orientated R&D tailored to meet the technology needs of Victorian public sector entities.

The funding will help SMEs pilot innovative R&D solutions and develop investment and commercial opportunities beyond the life of the program.

Victorian public sector entities will develop specifications for new technologies to improve service delivery. SMEs will then be invited to undertake R&D to deliver solutions to these specified requirements.

Round 2 submissions from Victorian Government Departments and agencies are now closed  (23 Aug 2010) and as a result, we have received over 50 Technology Requirement Specifications (TRS).

These TRS will now undergo assessment and the successful projects will be released to market in mid October as a ‘Call for Proposal’.

SMEs will now be invited to propose solutions in response to one or more TRS.

We will be hosting a number of information sessions for SMEs, both in Melbourne and in regional areas (Ballarat, Bendigo and Geelong) during September and October 2010.  This is an opportunity for you to hear further details about round 2 of the MVP.

To register to attend an information session, follow this link and select one of the 6 sessions available.

To find out how Treadstone can help you put together your application for MVP call us on (03) 9016 3575.

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