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The Tasmanian Space Technology Seed Fund is providing grants of between $25 000 to $100 000 that aims to grow Tasmania’s space sector, drive innovation, strengthen industry collaboration, increase investment, and create new skilled jobs for Tasmanians.

Deadlines and Timings

Applications close on 30 November 2022 at 2PM AEDT.

The estimated date for successful applicant notification is on 15 December 2022.

Overview and Grant Amount

The $500,000 Tasmanian Space Technology Seed Fund (the program) supports Tasmanian to support research and development projects that seek to extend, adapt or develop new products or services for the space economy. The program will provide grants of up to 50% of a proposed project’s eligible costs, with the applicant’s contribution coming from any source.

A project proposal submitted under this program must:

  • align with the purpose and objectives of the program
  • be focused on research and development activities
  • demonstrate an ability to implement the proposed project within 18 months
  • demonstrate an ability to contribute, from any source, at least 50% of the proposed project’s costs

The extent to which the application demonstrates:

  • a clear description of the project and its goals
  • a detailed project plan, including timeframes, milestones, deliverables and risk assessment

Eligibility and Criteria

To be eligible to apply for a grant, the applicants must:

  • be a company currently registered with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission
  • be a company with a registered office and principal place of business address in Tasmania
  • have an Australian Business Number (ABN) and be registered for the Goods and Services Tax (GST)
  • employ between 2 and 200 full time equivalent (FTE) staff
  • in the case of a joint or consortium application, nominate a principal applicant with written evidence of the support and degree of project involvement of all parties involved

The following are not eligible to apply as a principal applicant:

  • Commonwealth, state and local government agencies or bodies
  • publicly funded research organisations
  • industry associations or business chambers
  • not-for-profit organisations
  • community-based or sports organisations
  • individuals or sole traders
  • partnerships
  • trusts

If you are not eligible to apply you may still be part of a joint application or consortium, provided you have a principal applicant that is eligible to apply.

Eligible Expenses

The program will support projects that are focused on research and development activities that seek to conceptualise, validate, prototype, test or demonstrate a product or service for the space economy. Eligible expenditure includes costs directly related to the proposed project, including but not limited to:

  • labour expenses
  • equipment, devices, data, software
  • service provider fees, such as professional services, engineering, market research, technology consulting, data and computing services
  • relevant administrative and marketing costs.

Ineligible expenditure includes costs that are not directly related to the project, including:

  • general operational business costs
  • basic office supplies and equipment
  • GST payments
  • retrospective payments or expenditure

The program of activities may be virtual or face-to-face and take any format, including:

  • success story networking
  • workshops and short courses
  • online training and webinars
  • employee skill and capability development
  • in language business events
  • app licensing or website development
  • cyber security scenarios exercise
  • digital business expo

Eligible expenses include:

  • technology costs
  • equipment hire
  • speaker engagement
  • advertising
  • developer costs

You may view Round One recipients of the program here.

Interested parties are encouraged to read the program guidelines set by the funding grant. Applicants should complete and lodge an application online via SmartyGrants from the Business Tasmania website.

Expert Assistance

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