New Grants

The first round of Strategic Waste Initiatives Scheme (SWIS) funding from the Western Australian Goveernment for 2010 is now open.

Strategic Waste Initiatives Scheme (SWIS) Funding will be provided for initiatives which are consistent with the Waste Authority’s ‘Priority Areas for Funding’ and the Statement of Strategic Direction for Waste Management in Western Australia.

The Waste Authority identified the following as priority areas for Strategic Waste Initiatives Scheme (SWIS) funding for Round 1 2010

1. Organics

Source-separated greenwaste

Funds to be made available for collectors to implement processes that allow for the collection of greenwaste separated at source.

Particular focus will be given to Strategic Waste Initiatives Scheme (SWIS) applications that result in:

  • Wash-down facilities in non-metro areas to facilitate back-loading.
  • Collection points for drop-off of greenwaste (residential and small commercial).
  • Promotion of the use of compost in private landscaping and open parkland areas.
  • Separate greenwaste and bulk waste from vergeside collections.
  • Implementation of source-separation kerbside bin infrastructure,
  • Implementation of effective ongoing education / behaviour change programs linked to the above.

2. Construction & Demolition (C & D) Waste Recovery and Recycling

Strategic Waste Initiatives Scheme (SWIS) Funds to be made available for projects in the following two project areas:

1. The development of an effective supply system that will deliver increased quantities of construction and demolition waste to recyclers.

Particular focus should be given to:

  • Innovative methods through which state and local government, through non-core business activities, can assist in the supply of waste material to recyclers
  • Industry education.

2. The development & support of C & D waste recycling in regional areas of the state.

It is suggested that no applications for funding of C & D trials in the metro area be considered in this round as a number of trials have been funded in recent rounds. It should also be stated in the advertisements that C & D recycling trials will not be considered in the current round.

3. Plastics

Strategic Waste Initiatives Scheme (SWIS) Funds to be made available to support the development or adoption of new and/or enabling technologies and processes that:

  • demonstrably increase resource recovery, for example, optical sorting technology; or
  • deliver value-added products with an emphasis on those that can replace virgin materials and can be used as an input into local markets, for example, shredding to crumbing in the case of tyres; or shredding to pelletised form for use in the local plastic injection moulding manufacture in the case of plastics; or
  • contribute to improved product/process design and development.

4. Used Tyres

There is currently a relatively small used tyre recycling industry in Western Australia. While there is a strong export market at present, there is a need to prepare for the future where such a market may not exist.

Strategic Waste Initiatives Scheme (SWIS) Funds to be made available for trials of rubber products generated from used tyres in the area of civil engineering.

5. Hazardous Waste from Households


  • There is currently little known about uses for waste water based paints other than as paint. Funds to be made available for investigation into alternative products and markets for used water-based paints.


  • Disposal of compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) is emerging as an issue in Western Australia. DEC is receiving an increasing level of enquiries on this matter following the national commitment to phase out incandescent globes. Currently, mercury content of CFLs presents a disposal dilemma. Funding might be considered for development of projects/trials based on collection and recycling of CFLs.


  • Following the commencement of a number of e-waste collection programs, the emphasis for this waste stream is now on reprocessing.

6. Research and Development

The Waste Authority will consider Strategic Waste Initiatives Scheme (SWIS) funding research project proposals submitted by academic institutions which are targeted at waste types addressed in the Waste Strategy and which are likely to have significant practical waste management outcomes.

How to Submit an Application

Applications must be received by 5pm Friday 5th March 2010.

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