New Grants

The City of Sydney launched the innovation and ideas grant in which applicants can access up to $50K in cash funding per year. Through this, the city partners with the community and businesses to further the strategic directions of sustainability. These programs provide financial and in-kind support for a diverse range of activities.

Deadlines and Timings

Applications close on 27 Sep 2022

Recommendations taken to council for approval will be on 21 Nov 2022

Projects can start from 01 Jan 2023

Overview and Grant Amount

This grant program supports projects that foster innovation, showcase local expertise and test new ideas to address local and global issues across the city’s social, cultural, sustainability and business sectors. Cash funding range from $10K to a$50K per year that can support:

  • research and feasibility studies relating to the funding priorities listed below
  • pilot projects that test new approaches for addressing local and global issues
  • demonstration projects that promote market awareness and adoption of innovations
  • development and implementation of best practice approaches and toolkits
  • new technologies and platforms that support sector development

Funding will prioritise innovative projects that contribute to making Sydney a city:

  • that is a leading environmental performer
  • that is equitable and inclusive
  • with resilient and diverse communities
  • with a thriving cultural and creative life
  • with a transformed and innovative economy

Applicants can apply for up to $5,000 worth of capital expenditure or equipment purchase. Value-in-kind in the form of venue hire is also available.

Eligibility and Criteria

To be eligible an applicant must operate within the City of Sydney’s local government area or be able to demonstrate significant benefits for the area’s residents, workers and/or visitors.

Not-for-profit and for-profit organisations can apply.

For more information on eligibility see the eligibility section in the grants and sponsorship program guidelines.

Funding is NOT available for:

  • operational costs or overheads for the core business of an organisation
  • projects that duplicate existing services
  • projects that directly contravene the eligibility and ethics framework or existing City of Sydney policies

Proposals are assessed against:

  • evidence of the need for the project and proposed outcomes
  • capacity and experience of the applicant to deliver the project
  • demonstrated connection and benefit to the local area and communities
  • evidence of diversity, inclusion and equity in the planning and delivery of the project
  • how the project delivers against the funding priorities

Interested parties are encouraged to read the program guidelines set by the funding grant. Submissions may be lodged through their online portal.

Expert Assistance

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