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In 2017-18 the tourism funding program will include the Tourism Demand-Driver Infrastructure (TDDI) program, an Australian Government-funded initiative which is managed by the Department of State Growth.

This initiative is designed to support the delivery of infrastructure projects that contribute to the Tourism 2020 outcomes by driving demand, improving quality and increasing tourism expenditure. Assessment of the 2017-18 round of funding will specifically focus on hard tourism infrastructure projects that contribute to the Tasmanian Visitor Economy and support the principles of the Tasmanian Visitor Engagement Strategy, including increasing visitor length of stay, expenditure and dispersal.

This is the final round of the program, which commenced with the first round of TDDI in 2014-15. Ultimate approval of successful Tasmanian projects rests with the Australian Government, based on the recommendations from the Tasmanian Government.

What Project are eligible?

To qualify for funding projects must align to one or more of the national Tourism 2020 strategic areas. These are:

  • grow demand from Asia, while maintaining investment of a balanced market portfolio
  • build competitive digital capability
  • encourage investment and implement the regulatory reform agenda
  • ensure tourism transport environment supports growth
  • increase supply of labour, skills and aboriginal participation
  • build industry resilience, productivity and quality.

Projects must secure at least the same amount in matching financial contributions. In-kind contributions are not considered as matching funds.

If you have an idea for a project that could be supported under the tourism funding program the Expression of Interest (EOI) period will open on 26 July 2017.

What funding is available?

The amount available for funding over the 2017-18 financial year is $775 025. The Tourism finding program commenced with TDDI in 2014-15, continued in 2015-16 with TDDI and the Regional Investment and Innovation Fund, and TDDI in 2016-17.

Successful projects will enter into a formal funding agreement with the Tasmanian Government that will contain payment milestones, and funding will be provided in instalments upon the achievement of these milestones.


Eligibility Criteria

To be supported through the tourism funding program:

  • you must be registered for GST
  • have a proposal that meets the eligibility criteria outlined below.

The following activities are ineligible to receive funding from the Program:

  • marketing, advertising or product promotion
  • regular repairs and maintenance
  • upgrading or developing facilities that are predominantly for local communities
  • engaging or paying permanent employees
  • buying or leasing real estate of any type
  • purchasing or hiring mobile/portable assets, including but not limited to vehicles, boat and IT equipment
  • administrative or running costs that are normally the responsibility of state or local government or a not- for-profit organisation
  • activities where an applicant has not fully acquitted any previous Tasmanian Government support funding. Projects must yield a broad return across the tourism supply chain, not just benefit an individual business.

a) Projects must fall into at least one of the following categories

  1. Environmental – the development or enhancement of natural assets such as, but not limited to, protected and recreational areas, public spaces such as beaches, parks and walking trails.
  2. Built – such as, but not limited to, mixed-used facilities, exhibition, convention and events facilities, cultural institutions, entertainment and sporting facilities, city/town precincts and tourist attractions.
  3. Transport – such as, but not limited to, roads, rail networks, ports and airports.
  4. Enabling – such as, but not limited to, Aboriginal tourism development, the development of tourism networks, plans and feasibility studies, and programs to improve industry capability and capacity.

b) All projects must have at least a matching financial contribution

It is a mandatory requirement to receive funding that applicants demonstrate their projects have secured at least the same amount in matching financial contributions as the amount they are applying for. (i.e. if you apply for $10 000 you must show you have another source of capital to the value of $10 000).

Evidence can include signed bank notes, loan documents, bank statements in applicant name, third party Grant Deeds or other funding documents.

If the matching contribution is coming from a third party and is not already approved then the application must specify the matching funding is unconfirmed. Confirmed funding will be considered more favourably. Please note, In-kind contributions are not considered as matching funds.

c) Projects must align strategically with relevant state, regional and destination plans

d) Projects must demonstrate they will drive demand and increase visitor expenditure to assist the tourism industry in meeting Tasmanian Visitor Economy Strategy goals and support the principals of the Tasmanian Visitor Engagement Strategy.

What is the Application and evaluation process ?

Step 1 – Expression of interest (EOI)

Apply using the online EOI application form

EOI will close at midnight 8th August 2017 after which time a panel consisting of representatives from the Department of State Growth, Tourism Tasmania and other tourism industry experts, will draw up a shortlist to be further considered.

Step 2 – Business case

Shortlisted applicants will be contacted and invited to submit a business case for their project and will be provided with the link to the online form to do so. As with the EOI process no other method of application will be considered.

The business case should consider how the project will contribute to the Tasmanian visitor economy.


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