New Grants

MultiMedia Victoria is now moving to phase 2 of its $28m Market Validation Program (MVP) designed to stimulate SMEs with innovative, commercially orientated R&D tailored to meet the technology needs of Victorian public sector entities.

Phase 1 – Victorian public sector entities prepare and submit Technology Requirement Specifications (TRS)

Phase 2- SME submits proposal to DIIRD and host entity to evaluate responses

Result – SME gets $100k to undertake 3 month Feasibility Study (Later followed by Proof of concept).
Proposals submitted by SMEs will then be assessed against the following criteria:

  • Technical merit of the proposed technology solution
  • Capability to conduct R&D projects
  • Resourcing of the project including key personnel, facilities and budget

Successful SMEs will then undertake a Feasibility Study and report on the outcomes of the study. The Feasibility Study report will then be assessed to progress to the Proof of Concept stage.

What benefits will the MVP deliver to SMEs?
The MVP is designed to substantially boost the ability of SMEs to interact with customers in a demanding client setting, to commercially develop and prove their products and provide a sustainable commercial base from which to secure expansion capital, export revenue and future customers.

Benefits to SMEs from the MVP will include:

  • Access to R&D grant funding over four years
  • Opportunity to develop innovative R&D capability
  • Improved understanding of what is required in developing solutions that respond specifically to identified needs
  • Creation and retention of IP
  • Recognition, verification and visibility in the marketplace
  • A leveraging tool to attract further investment capital or research funds
  • A commercialisation platform

Information sessions to be held during May/June in Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat and Bendigo see dates

Applications by SME Close on 31 July 2009

For more infromation about Government Grants and how Treadstone can help call us on 03 9016 3575

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