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The Technology Voucher Program has been developed by the Victorian Government to drive the use of cutting edge technologies and to support Victorian companies to compete locally and globally. The program is separate but complementary to the Innovation Voucher Program.

The Technology Voucher Program helps companies to adopt and develop new technologies by providing a voucher that can be exchanged for access to facilities, goods, services, advice or expertise provided by other companies or publicly funded research organisations.

The program specifically targets the development, adoption and integration of information and communication technology (ICT), industrial biotechnology and small technologies (nano and micro scale technologies) by businesses.

The Technology Voucher Program replaces and expands on the highly successful Small Technologies Industry Uptake Program (STIUP).

Voucher Types

The types of vouchers available are as follows:

Voucher types Purpose Status
$50,000 Technology Development(incorporating STIUP Technical voucher) This voucher can be used to undertake technology development and/or absorption activities. Open for voucher applications ongoing.
$250,000 Technology Implementation(incorporating STIUP Trial voucher) This voucher can be used to undertake substantial testing or applied development activities in order to adapt existing technology based innovations into new practice or within new markets. Round to be opened in October 2012. Closing date is 3pm Wednesday 28th November 2012
$10,000 Technology Student Accelerator This voucher can be used to undertake an ICT development project with a Victorian university using one or more studentsduring the vacation period. Round to be opened in October 2012.


The Technology Voucher Program runs for two years from 4 September 2012.


How to apply

Visit the What is need to apply page for application information and the application form.



Application Questions

Before you start the application form you should have the following information:

1. Eligibility Information

Information to confirm eligibility.

2. Applicant Details

Information about the company.

3. Project Summary

Maximum 150 words

Please provide a clear and concise non confidential summary of the project in language that is understandable to a general audience.  The Victorian Government or Agent may use this information for communication purposes such as media releases and websites.

The summary should include:

  • a brief background
  • the problem to be resolved or opportunity to be explored
  • the novel or experimental approach that will be undertaken
  • the type of technology the Project will use

4. Project Methodology

Maximum 300 words

Please provide a description of the proposed project, including:

  • clear description of the Project activities
  • the intended outcomes upon the successful completion of the Project, and their significance
  • which relevant Victorian facilities, training and/or know-how are required for the Project
  • a clear rationale for why the proposed supplier is the most appropriate for the Project
  • stage of technology development

5. Need for support

Maximum 250 words

Please provide details on why your company needs government assistance to undertake the Project. In particular, describe the likelihood of the Project proceeding without the voucher. Ensure you answer includes:

  • If the proposed Project would proceed without the voucher
  • Why the requested voucher amount is required, rather than a lesser amount
  • How the voucher would impact the timing or scale of the Project
  • What other funding options have been pursued

6. Capability of business to integrate Project outcomes into its operations

Maximum 350 words

Please provide a description of the capability of your business to successfully integrate the R&D outputs into its operations. In particular ensure your answer includes:

  • How you will incorporate the technology into the goods and services of the business
  • The capability of your company to do this, or how you will build this capability if the company doesn’t already have it.
  • The next steps of the Project and what the significant risks are that will need to be managed.
  • How you would fund the next steps of the Project

7. Benefits of the Project to Victoria

Maximum 150 words

Please provide a description of how the Project would benefit other Victorian businesses. In particular ensure your answer includes:

  • How the Project may benefit other Victorian businesses
  • How would you share the new information and knowledge about R&D gained through the project throughout your sector
  • If you would be using local suppliers, where appropriate, to implement the Project and/or the ongoing activities related to the Project. If not, why not

8. Impact of the Project on business productivity and/or competitiveness

Maximum 300 words

Please provide a description of how the Project will increase business productivity and/competitiveness. In particular ensure your answer includes:

  • How and to what extent the Project will deliver significant, ongoing increases in productivity to the business?
  • The likelihood of successful demonstration of the technology
  • If the Project focuses on technology absorption or commercialisation
  • The estimated time required for technology development or adoption
  • When the productivity gains are likely to be realised.

9. Project budget

Please provide an outline of the company co-contribution and justification of the proposed budget.

10. Proposed supplier(s)

Please provide information about the proposed supplier(s), including whether:

  • The proposed supplier has indicated that they are capable of carrying out the work
  • You are willing to enter into an agreement with the supplier(s) regarding Intellectual Property




Applicants and suppliers/service providers must be entirely separate entities, with no financial or other ties. Companies and suppliers may not be owned by the same parent company, share governance nor have common directors.

Preference will be given to suppliers that are an institution, facility or company based in Victoria. Use of a voucher with a supplier outside of Victoria will be considered on a case by case basis if there are valid reasons to gain expertise or access to specialised equipment outside of Victoria.

The process for finding a supplier or becoming a supplier for the Technology Student Accelerator Voucher is different. Email to receive more information.

Finding a supplier

Suppliers are listed in the Technology Voucher Program Supplier List.

The list of potential suppliers on this page will not be exhaustive. The Small Technologies Cluster and NICTA VRL can also help you find and engage with potential suppliers. Email to receive more information.

You may also nominate another supplier in your voucher application, who will need to fill out the online supplier application form.

Becoming a Supplier

Applications to be placed on the Technology Voucher Program Supplier List are currently open.  To apply, please complete the Supplier Application Form.

Suppliers may be publicly funded, not-for-profit or privately owned enterprises, and must supply eligible technology services

If the application is successful, the nominated supplier will be required to sign a declaration to the effect that they are:

  • of reputable standing
  • committed to providing services at market rates
  • committed to servicing voucher projects within a reasonable timeframe as agreed with the applicant, including the negotiation and agreement of terms concerning intellectual property (IP) rights
  • not currently involved in litigation with the State Government of Victoria

Potential suppliers will be notified of the outcome of their application via email. The new supplier will then be listed on the Technology Voucher Program Supplier List.

Find out how Treadstone can help you with you funding application  for  the Victorian Innovation and Technology Vouchers, call us on 03 9008 5937.




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