New Grants

Round 5 of the $50k TCF Small Business Program is now open for applications. And closes on Friday 26 February 2010 at 5.00pm.

The Textile, Clothing and Footwear (TCF) Small Business Program provides grants to improve the business enterprise culture of TCF small businesses. It is competitive and merit-based with a maximum grant of $50,000 provided to each successful project. Funding of $2.5 million is available per year over a ten year period, commencing in 2006/07.

How do I apply: To apply for Round 5 of the TCF Small Business Program please read the application page for more details.

Who can apply:

The program is a competitive, merit-based grants program. It is open to any eligible TCF small business or to a consortium that includes an eligible TCF small business.

A TCF small business has fewer than 20 employees, and undertakes eligible TCF activities as defined by the TCF Post-2005 (SIP) Scheme.

For example, a TCF business that manufactures, or designs for manufacture in Australia, is eligible to apply for funding under the program. However, a business that solely imports products made overseas, or only undertakes retail activities, is not eligible.

Workshop: If you would like to attend one of the free workshops for Round 5 of the TCF Small Business Progam please register online.

For other grants on TCF see the AusIndustry website.

To find out how Treadstone can help you with you grant application call us now on  03 9016 3575.

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