New Grants

Funding is now open for Victorian entities under The Commonwealth Government’s Tourism Demand Driver Infrastructure (TDDI) Program. 

The Tourism Demand Driver Infrastructure (TDDI) program provides monetary investment on a matched dollar-for-dollar basis, to develop tourism infrastructure, ensuring that the benefits of any government investment can be multiplied across the sector. In particular the program supports projects that contribute to achieving the Commonwealth Government’s Tourism 2020 objectives.

Projects that demonstrate a collaborative approach across a region or the State, are strongly encouraged.

Applicants are encouraged to seek comment from the local Regional Tourism Board or Destination Melbourne, in respect to how their project will align to local priorities. Funded projects should create and encourage visitation to a destination and to assist the tourism industry in meeting Tourism 2020 targets.

Eligible projects, and examples for each, include

  • environmental – the development or enhancement of natural assets such as protected and recreational areas, public spaces such as beaches and parks and walking trails
  • built – such as mixed-used facilities, convention facilities, cultural institutions, entertainment and sporting facilities, city/town precincts and tourist attractions
  • transport – such as roads, rail networks, ports and airports
  • enabling – such as tourism networks, plans and feasibility studies, and programmes to improve industry capability and capacity (eg destination management planning, business planning, workforce development, cultural awareness, digital product development)

What is the funding amount available?

The Program provides funding on a matched dollar-for-dollar basis and will generally be limited to $250,000 to $750,000.

Merit criteria.

  1. Project readiness
  2. Demonstrated need (the project would not occur or would take much longer without this funding)
  3. Availability of co-funding
  4. Capacity to deliver the project
  5. Alignment with regional, state and national priorities
  6. Demonstration of return of government investment

Who can apply?

Tourism related businesses or investors, Local Governments, tourism associations and State Government bodies.

How to apply.

  1. Read the Guidelines
  2. Ensure your project matches the criteria
  3. Apply via the Business Victoria website. Applications must be signed by the CEO or equivalent.

Deadline/Closing Date

Applications are open until 11 November 2016.

Want to get the best possible result out of your Application?

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