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The Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative (MURI) is a US Department of Defense (DoD) funding opportunity available to US universities on a range of topics with potential for future defence capability. A MURI funding opportunity announcement is made once per year, inviting submissions from groups of universities seeking to collaborate on the announced topics.

The Australian Department of Defence (Defence) and DoD have agreed to encourage Australian higher education providers (universities) to participate in MURI on topics determined by Defence as having high potential for significant future Defence capability (designated topics).

To support this participation, the Australian Government will offer grant funding to Australian universities collaborating on MURI research projects on designated topics through the US-Australia International MURI (AUSMURI).

The $25 million AUSMURI program will run over 9 years from 2017-18 to 2025-26. The program forms part of the Next Generation Technologies Fund that was announced as part of the 2016 Defence White Paper.

We expect to announce a new AUSMURI funding round with the designated topics annually, in line with the funding opportunity announcement of MURI in the US. We will publish the designated topics and the opening and closing dates of each round and any other relevant information.

How much can I get ?

Grant funding will be 100 per cent of eligible project costs up to a maximum of AUD$1 million per year over 3 years. You must pay for any project expenditure that is not eligible, or is over the annual limit.

The grant period is three years, in line with the obligations under MURI. We may extend your grant period for a further two years. An extension is likely to be in line with an extension to your MURI project. However an approved extension under MURI does not guarantee an extension to your AUSMURI project.

If we extend your grant period, we will extend your grant funding for the two year period by up to a maximum of AUD$1 million per year.

Total grant funding may not exceed AUD$3 million for a three year project, or AUD$5 million for a five year project.

Who can apply?

The program is open to Australian universities involved in a successful MURI submission on a designated topic.

To be eligible, you must have an Australian Business Number (ABN) and be:


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