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The Value Add Investment Grants (VAIG) program is aimed at supporting agriculture, food and beverage businesses undertaking value adding in Western Australia (WA) or those seeking to expand in or relocate to WA with grants of up to $100k. The VAIG program comprises two grant streams: (1) Capital Investment stream $750k and (2) Feasibility stream $100k.

Feasibility Stream $100k

The Feasibility Stream will provide funds to eligible applicants for the planning of future capital investment projects. Projects must align to the stated objectives of the VAIG and be ready to commence the project planning and business case phase from August 2022.

Deadlines and Timings

Deadline for Applications is 27th April 2022.

Overview and Grant Amount

Available grant funding awards may range from between $30,000 and $100,000 per grant. Eligible applicants will have a minimum total program budget of $500,000, and must be able to fund no less than 50% of the total program budget in the form of a cash contribution. In-kind contributions will not be accepted as part of the required funding ratio.

The objective of the Value Add Investment Grants – Feasibility stream is to assist food and beverage manufacturers and processors with the planning and development of capital investment and expansion projects.  This effort will build a cohort of investible projects increasing the competitiveness of these projects seeking to access private sector investment or potentially future government funding.

Applications for Feasibility stream grants in FY23 will be available in 2 open rounds:

  • The Q1 Round will accept applications for project commencement dates around mid-August 2022. Applications will be accepted starting 27 April 2022 and close 08 June 2022. DPIRD will award grants from this first round by 03 August 2022
  • The Q3 Round will accept applications for project commencement dates in early 2023. Applications will be accepted starting 9 September 2022 and close 21 October 2022. DPIRD will award grants from this second round by 23 November 2022

Eligibility and Criteria

To be eligible to receive a grant, your application must be related to value adding to primary production in WA; and the applicant must meet ALL of the following criteria:

  • Be a private sector business (including incorporated trustees), public companies, grower cooperatives, or similar organisations that have an ABN, and are registered for GST
  • The project be located in, or looking to relocate to, WA including the Perth metropolitan area
  • Be capable of entering into a legally binding agreement with the WA Government
  • Have the financial capacity to fund the minimum cash contribution
  • Have been in operation for a minimum of two years (or similar established track record)
  • Projects commencing no early than January 2023 and can be delivered by the 30th June 2024. and will commence within six months of executing a funding agreement (which will include agreed milestones and project deliverables) with the State.

Business clusters, consortiums, and collaborations are also encouraged to apply where a lead business is defined that meets the above criteria and applies and accepts responsibility for contractual obligations on behalf of the business group.

Eligible Activities

Feasibility funding assistance may be available to existing buisneess to access professional services to assess the feasibility of their planned investment projects and to gather other information to support their investment decision. The types of services that can be funded include:

  • Technical consultants
  • Professional services including, accounting, tax, legal and other services
  • Property related services including architect, planners, designers and valuers
  • Product or market analysts and advisors
  • Specialist reports and data services as may be applicable
  • Other advisors or relevant service providers
  • Obtaining regulatory approvals
  • Obtaining licences necessary to grow operations

Eligible businesses are encouraged to read through all the criteria set by this grant in the provided grant guideline. Application Forms may be downloaded from the Program’s online web platform, and applications must be lodged online.

Expert Assistance

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