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A comprehensive five-year trial of electric vehicles has now commenced with a call for interested car manufacturers, electricity suppliers and others to participate. Applications close on 26 March 2010.

The Victorian Government recognises that electric vehicle technologies represent an evolutionary step from traditional petrol and diesel vehicle technologies. The trials seek a range of participants to build a comprehensive electric vehicle system environment, replicating real-world conditions as closely as possible.

Potential participants include:

  • electric vehicle providers
  • households with a strong interest in operating electric vehicles
  • private and government fleets
  • recharge infrastructure providers
  • electricity suppliers, distributors and retailers, and
  • technology providers to assist in data collection and the interface between these various participants.

An Invitation to Participate (PDF, 2.75 MB, 20 pp.) sets out details of the trial and the range of participants required. Read the Minister’s media release for more details.

Applications close on 26 March 2010.

Private households will be sought through a ballot to be conducted by the RACV next year.

Project description:

The trial will run for five years and help Victoria to better understand the process, timelines and barriers for transitioning to electric vehicle technologies. The trials will collect real-world information on the use of electric vehicles in Victorian conditions, including information on:

  • the market for electric vehicles, both initially and as it matures;
  • impacts of the use of electric vehicles on driver behaviour, recharging, vehicle performance and efficiency; and
  • the potential implications of electric vehicles for electricity consumption, management of electricity demand, greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutant emissions.

Rather than focus on one vehicle, recharge infrastructure system or electricity market operator, the trials will assess how a range of different providers would interact, reflecting the variety of providers likely to develop in the market.

Project benefits:

The purpose of the trials is to help position Victoria as an electric vehicle-friendly location. The trials will inform an easier and quicker transition to an environment where Victorians increasingly opt for clean electric vehicles.

More information:

Invitation to Participate (PDF, 2.75 MB, 20 pp.)

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