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The Victorian Production Fund (VPF) – Games supports Victorian digital games development companies and creators to develop and release a variety of digital games. This program accepts applications to support the pre-production, production and post-production phases of game development.

Deadlines and Timings

Applications are ongoing and interested parties can apply anytime.

Overview and Grant Amount

The program funds the pre-production, production and post-production phases of game development for PC, consoles, mobile, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) or extended reality (XR). Generally, the fund is looking to support:

  • Digital game projects from Victorian developers at all stages of their career.
  • Projects that have a mix of creative, cultural, and commercial outcomes.
  • Projects that are ready to take the next step to either pre-production, production and post- production in order to become market ready.
  • Original digital game projects that support the ongoing development and sustainability of individuals and businesses, as well as the broader Victorian screen sector.

Up to $300,000 per stage and up to $500,000 per project, on a 1:1 co-contribution, is available to be cash-flowed into projects, with the equity remaining with the company or individual.

Eligibility and Criteria

This fund may be accessed by either a Victorian company or Victorian resident.

  • An individual applicant must:
  • be an Australian citizen, or
  • be an Australian resident, being a person who is lawfully domiciled in Australia, and who has actually been in Australia, continuously or intermittently, for at least six months immediately preceding the application
  • not be an employee of a broadcaster or an employee of a commissioning platform (e.g., an SVOD service)
  • not be an employee of a State or Federal government Screen department/agency
  • A company applicant must:
  • an incorporated company that has an Australian Business Number (ABN) and carrying on business in Australia
  • have the eligibility credit requirements as set out in the relevant program guidelines or employ (on the project which is the subject of funding application) a key creative who meets the credit requirements

Eligible Projects

The project must be original digital game projects targeting PC, consoles, mobile, VR, AR, or XR with a digital and/or physical release strategy:

  • Pre-Production funding projects must have:
  • Early-stage concept or prototype materials showing the game’s intended key elements such as mechanics, themes, art style, narrative, or other game features.
  • Development documentation showing the path to additional financing or full production.
  • Production funding projects must have:
  • Concept materials showing the game’s intended key elements or a playable digital prototype ready to move into full production.
  • Development documentation demonstrating a public outcome for the project, including a demo release, early access, or crowdfunding.
  • Post-Production funding, projects must have:
  • An existing publicly released project.
  • Development documentation that shows a package of work that builds on the released game such as localisation, porting, downloadable content, or other game content.

In addition to projects excluded under VicScreen’s terms of trade, the following project types are NOT eligible under this program:

  • Projects that contain or have relationships to gambling, exploitative pay-to-win mechanics, play-to-earn mechanics, or high risk and volatile trading products or technologies.
  • Projects with significant Indigenous content that do not have Key Creatives from an appropriate background.
  • Projects designed primarily for educational, training and simulation, research, marketing, or other business-to-business audiences or purposes.
  • A project that has been declined for funding from this program unless VicScreen has deemed it significantly reworked.
  • A project that has been declined three times for funding from this program.

Eligible Support

The funding may be used for:

  • All stages of development
  • Specific project features that are vital to the stage goal.
  • Staffing costs associated with the development team.
  • Engaging highly experienced mentors and/or consultants to assist with creative, technical, or business elements of the project, including accessibility and diversity consulting. For new and emerging teams, this is strongly recommended.
  • Legal fees, including assistance with distribution, licensing and publishing agreements and intellectual property protection.
  • Accounting costs and advice.
  • Pre-production
  • Development work necessary to early-stage project iteration and experimentation.
  • Business development including assistance with publishers, pitch deck generation, branding and market strategy, distributors, franchise development and identifying alternate revenue streams.
  • Production
  • Development work necessary to a project’s public release.
  • Audience engagement and marketing strategies appropriate to pre-release of the project.
  • Post-production
  • Ongoing content development and delivery post project release.
  • Localisation or porting costs.
  • Additional marketing or post-release audience engagement including strategy planning, press kits, user acquisition, social media, and community management.

Examples of ineligible activities for funding

  • solutions designed to improve internal business processes
  • general business costs including sales, marketing, rent and travel
  • project costs that are already the subject of another government grant, subsidy or financial assistance
  • project costs incurred prior to an application being submitted (no retrospective funding will be awarded)

Applicants can discuss their funding requests with VicScreen prior to submitting an application. Interested parties are encouraged to thoroughly read the program guidelines, terms of trade and application checklist set by the funding grant. Submissions must be lodged through the program online portal.

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