New Grants

The VSA Strategic Project Fund is now open for funding applications of $5m up to $10m for projects that support activities in the research and development stage of the innovation continuum. They will strengthen Victoria’s international competitiveness and ensure the ongoing vigour of our innovation system. A budget of up to $25 million is now available for competitive grants under the VSA Strategic Project Fund in 2009-10.

The SPF will make significant investments (minimum of $5 million with a maximum of $10 million per investment) in a selected number of exceptional projects. The investments will support world-class research facilities and equipment, the advancement of high level skills, and the development of next-generation platform technologies.

Stage 1 of the application process is due by 16 October 2009.

Successful projects will be invited to progress to Stage 2 in late November 2009. Potential applicants are encouraged to contact DIIRD prior to submitting a business case.

For more information about how Treadstone can help you apply for Government Grants call (03) 9016 3575.

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