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Which category should I apply for with TQUAL? (Australian Tourism Development Grants)

Here is a helpful summary of the three categories for TQUAL  Grants.

TQUAL Category 1

· Amount $5k up to $100k

· Matching funding upfront

· Eligibility only for: private sector business, non-profit organization. regional tourism or regional economic development organization, local government agency.

· Overview

Projects funded under category 1 should stimulate the development of an innovative tourism product, service or system. Category 1 has been divided into three options in line with the key phases of the development of a product. The three options for category 1 projects are:

• Option 1 – Project initiation

• Option 2 – Project planning

• Option 3 – Project implementation.

Options 1 and 2 aim to encourage the development of sound investment proposals and help mitigate the perceived risk associated with the development of innovative proposals. Option 3 provides funding support for the implementation and delivery of innovative tourism products, services or systems.

There are special conditions applying to category 1 funding. Only a single option can be applied for and funded, per project, per round. Applicants must nominate which category 1 option they are applying for in their application. Success with an option 1 or option 2 project application does not infer any commitment to fund later stages of the same project.

TQUAL Category 2.

· Amount $100k up to $500k

· Matching funding 10%+

· Eligibility only for: regional tourism or regional economic development organization, local government agency, non-profit organisation.

· Overview

Category 2 aims to enhance the overall tourism appeal of a large area by encouraging interregional collaboration to achieve greater tourism benefits. Projects funded under this category should be large scale, collaborative, multi-faceted activities that involve a number of regions.

TQUAL Category 3.

· Amount $25k up to $500k

· Matching funding 50%

· Eligibility only for: national tourism peak bodies, national tourism industry associations, national tourism sectoral industry associations.

· Overview

Category 3 aims to provide strategic support to the Australian tourism industry by funding national or sectoral peak bodies to develop national projects that offer leadership to industry. Projects are expected to showcase innovation, encourage productivity gains and support world’s best practice across all elements of the tourism supply chain.

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