New Grants

The Women in STEM and Entrepreneurship (WISE) grant was announced as part of Inspiring all Australians in Digital Literacy and STEM. It is an $8 million competitive programme and will run over four years from 2016–17 to 2019–20.  The programme is part of the National Innovation and Science Agenda and aligns with the requirements of the Commonwealth Grants Rules and Guidelines.

The programme funds activities that support women in STEM, and eliminate barriers for women’s participation in STEM education and careers. It also targets challenges for women’s participation in the broader innovation ecosystem such as innovative businesses, start-ups and other entrepreneurial activities and careers.

Funding will support outreach projects that target girls and women to:

  • foster their interest in entrepreneurship
  • develop their innovation and entrepreneurial skills
  • build their professional networks. 

The programme also provides funding to identify and celebrate STEM role models in science and research, entrepreneurship and corporate leadership to inspire school-age girls.

The Women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and Entrepreneurship Programme aims to support women in STEM and remove barriers that stop women taking part in STEM education and careers, including entrepreneurship.


Who can apply?

To be eligible to apply you must have an ABN and be one of the following:

  • an entity incorporated in Australia
  • a Publicly Funded Research Organisation (PFRO)
  • a not for profit organisation.

Trusts are not eligible to apply, however an incorporated trustee may apply on behalf of a trust.

Joint applications from consortia are acceptable provided you have a principal applicant who is the main driver of the project and is eligible as per the list above.

Your project must:

  • include eligible activities (workshops, training, educational materials, etc.) and eligible expenditure (salaries, event costs, research, promotional, staff training, etc.)
  • have at least $5,000 in total expenditure
  • take no longer than 24 months to complete
  • aim to address discrimination and inequality for girls and women in STEM and entrepreneurship

What activities are eligible

Eligible activities must directly relate to the project and can include:

  • developing and delivering workshops, conferences, networking events and other forums
  • developing and delivering education and professional development activities including courses and training
  • developing and distributing educational materials, curriculum content, toolkits or similar activities
  • developing and delivering change management programmes and industry transformation activities
  • research activities provided they are part of and directly in support of the activities above.

What is the funding amount available?

$5,000 to $250,000 per project. Two application rounds are expected per year.

What will I need to do if successful?

You will need to sign a grant agreement with the Australian Government. The terms and conditions of the grant agreement are not negotiable.

  • The grant agreement requires you to report on your completed activities.
  • Grants up to $50,000 will receive the entire grant amount on execution of the grant agreement.
  • Grants over $50,000 will receive an initial payment on execution of the grant agreement and subsequent payments based on the progress of your project.

Merit criteria.

  • Expected impact and benefits of the project (40 points)
  • Demonstrated capacity and capability to carry out the project (40 points)
  • The value for money offered by your project (20 points)

How to apply.

  1. Read the guidelines:  Programme Guidelines
  2. Apply online
    • address all eligibility and merit criteria
    • ensure all attachments are included

Opening/Closing Date

Opening date is yet to be announced (Nov 2016) –  Applications will be accepted in 2 rounds per year.

Start preparing your application now before the opening date is announced.

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